****TAKE NOTICE***** ALL Additional restrictions of use apply:

****GREENFAITH BY LAWS **TAKE NOTICE** (A) Members of Green Faith hold one and only one sacrament as sacred that is cannabis. No other plants or synthetic derivatives Shall be used in place of our holy sacrament cannabis. (B) We have only one ceremony. That is the pipe ceremony. Without cannabis our prayer pipe ceremony cannot take place. Cannabis is the Base of our religion, without Cannabis we have no religion.

(C) All sacrament cultivated by the church or by its members shall be grown in a way that is friendly to Mother earth and the environment. (D) No members shall be turned away for lack of sacrament. It is required that all members of the church to Aid in the production of sacrament, whether it be through physical volunteering or financial contributions. (E) The church shall provide sacrament for its members. The church should have substantial sacrament enough to provide for pipe ceremony, healing, prayers and other spiritual activities. It is also necessary for the Church to store/stockpile At Least a six-month supply of sacrament. This will insure there is no burden on our members in case of a natural disaster, disease or drought. *During times of hardship or drought it may be necessary for the church to reach out to members for sacrament.

(F) All cannabis plants are sacred and should be given respect. If they are harvested they will be prayed over before they are harvested. Green Faith sacrament shall be grown on holy church ground. The farmers, or cultivators will wake up every morning and partake in pipe ceremony, to bless them the land and the Sacred Plant. (G) Members of Greenfaith will cultivate and Back up genetically multiple strains, as for each strain has different therapeutic and healing values. Members can call on the strains just as they call on the four directions or as they call on their ancestors and their Higher Power aka God, Great Spirit etc.

(H) Distribution of strains through cuttings/seeds are also essential, to spread the best genetics for healing, and communications with the religious realm. Personal gardens of members shall be treated with the same respect as church gardens. All plants, their extracts, their parts, cuttings and flower should be considered sacred. (I) Our members are mandated help anyone over the age of 21 seeking healing for medical conditions, emotional distress as well as addiction to opiates, Through the use of our holy anointing/healing cannabis oil. (J) ***Members consume the Holy Herb and/or anointing oil in order to heal/cure pains spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical.

******Greenfaith Ministry MANDATES****** **TAKE NOTICE** (A) *Cannabis Is a Healing Sacrament of green faith ministry, and is MANDATED FOR ALL PATRONS TO PRACTICE SACRAMENTAL CANNABIS PRAYERS AND/OR CULTIVATE FOR BLESSINGS OF HEALTH TO THE MIND, BODY, SOAUL AND MOTHER EARTH for reasons as follows: (B) *HELPS EVOLVE THE SOUL Sacramental Cannabis augments ones faith and religious path and contributes to the evolution of one’s soul as one commune’s with ones inner self and ones Religious connection with the universe and their Higher Power. Members are mandated to grow if they can or get from church facility if unable, all members are mandated to consume Cannabis via our one prayer.

(C) *IS AN EXERCISE IN ACQUIRING RELIGIOUS ATTRIBUTES BY SHARING. Sharing Sacramental Cannabis contributes to communion with Spirit and fellowship with others in the spiritual association of the brother/sisterhood of humankind. This practice leads to the discovery and creation of one’s spiritual path. This also entails the cultivation and giving mandates. (D) *CREATES PEACE The hand cultivation of Sacramental Cannabis exerts an ennobling and expanding influence on people. The agriculturist is a peace loving person. A nurturing association with the Sacramental Cannabis plants instills patience, quiet, peace, reverence, meditation, spiritual awareness, enlightenment and awareness of the life force. There is great therapeutic value in growing your own sacrament when it is done in conscious partnership with collective human spirituality as well as Earth.

(E) *ENHANCES RELIGIOUS RECEPTIVITY One’s inherent RELIGIOUS receptivity is influenced by growing harvesting and ingesting the Cannabis Sacrament. The bio-electro-neuro-chemical effect of ingestion enhances the interface between mind and spirit and augments spiritual receptivity. The effect maybe likened to what happens to the image in a microscope when a of oil is added on an oil immersion lens. It is magnified and amplified to the eye of the beholder. (F) *SERVES HUMANITY AS A MEANS OF HEALING People benefit from utilizing sacramental Cannabis in conjunction with the body/mind healing values of Cannabis. Cannabis Sacrament as medicine/nourishment for the body and the spirit should be available to those who need it for relief from AIDS, glaucoma, nausea from radiation &, chemotherapy, stress, muscle spastics, asthma, loss of appetite, migraine headaches, menstrual related discomforts, and many other human maladies. One of the greenfaith Ministry’s Holy duties is to Cultivate and provide the blessing of its Cannabis Sacrament to those suffering and or in need of its benevolent blessings. **It also passes the same benefits to mother earth.

(G) ****** No UNDERAGE CONSUMPTION (21+) UNLESS MEDICAL NECCESITY* (H) *”This Assembly recognizes the mandate of its members to cover **their heads and wear sacred head gear such as a holy hat made out the churches holy sacrament, hemp, as required by their religious beliefs, and especially in any association with government agencies and/or the government itself”. It continues, “Instances are, in court, for drivers licenses, any other official government picture, any picture identification of any kind and in other cases that might arise.”

(I) ***No member is to cultivate over 10 plants (females sativa/indica), unless in a collective manner, but no more than 99 budding plants EVER at one sanctuary. (there is no need, need more cannabis! GET more ministers and churches) (J) * All caregiver/members are to provide many more services, besides just Sacrament. (K) * Unify the voice of greenfaith style change- Support other pro-Cannabis groups in your State whenever possible. Efforts to help those who will otherwise suffer until universal changes are made are done simply by taking the first steps to help Unite Our voices to be heard. (L) * Promote the Truths about Cannabis Sacrament, and dispel the “Refer Madness” that our government created. (M) * As a member, your responsibility to know your state’s cannabis prohibition history, current legislation pending, the Local and State officials that are for/against all cannabis and all needed to advance cannabis sacrament. (N) * Knowing what you’re talking about is very crucial. To be a member also means you accept the responsibility of studying, and garnering each Member’s knowledge of all the aspects in what this reform will mean for our RELIGION, country, economy, and environment regarding our sacrament, cannabis.

(O) * Each member is a Networking beacon, and must rely on their fellow members for special skills, advice, support, etc… As a grass roots church/religion Ini can say Ini have invested more than just time and effort to keep this wagon rolling, and I know Bonner has too. (P) *The greater our numbers become with Active members, the greater our chances of finding a fellow member who practice’s a skilled trade and or owns a particular kind of distribution company that can provide materials for the rest of us, and gives us Buying power to get better price’s as a group. (Q) * PLEASE do Volunteer work, Community Contributions, Adopt a Highway, Fund raising for Charities/Schools/etc… Showing otherwise un-approachable individuals that you care about their world, is a wonderfully powerful show of character. (R) * Knowing why we have cannabis as our sacrament, our mandates and why greenfaith ministry was established is the most important part of all. Each member will represent this, but in it’s own shade of green. That’s why we decided to stay away from Rules & Regulations, but expect our members to communicate, build friendships, and eventually depend on each other like family. THESE ARE ADOPTED ON NOVEMBER OF 2009 IN HONOR OF AMERICANCANNABIS’S GREAT LARRY BONNER LIPPERT, may his legacy and light live on in all we do!

***OUR ONE AND ONLY CANNABIS SACRAMENT PRAYER****** **TAKE NOTICE** Greenfaith Ministry is a recognized cannabis sacrament church with its most recent AOI from the end of 2009 (FEIN 80-0510119) under the Mother church ONAC, we are a state and federally recognized church and religious practice as stipulated by the Colo. Attorney General’s Office multiple times in federal court from 2011 to Aug 13, 2013 (See Rev. Brandon Baker v. State of Colorado 2011, 2012 and 2013). We have ONLY one main prayer and service of worship (Cannabis Consumption), just as many other indigenous Human religions like the Native American (Peyote), UDV (Hoasca) and the Rastafari (Cannabis). greenfaith Ministry AKA green faith ministry has ONLY one prayer the pipe ceremony. There are different kinds of pipes, pipe ceremonies and different uses for them. There are personal pipes and family pipes as well as pipes for large ceremonies.

The Pipe Ceremony, is a sacred ritual for connecting physical and Religious worlds. The pipe is a link between the earth, higher power and the sky, nothing is more sacred. The pipe is our prayer in physical form. Smoke becomes our words/thoughts, it goes out, touches everything, and becomes a part of all there is. The fire in the pipe is the same fire in the sun, which is the source of life.” The Herb is the Holy Healing Tree of Life and the plant’s roots go deep into the earth, and its smoke rises high into the heavens. Every Cultivation, giving and Puff’s Exhale heals the World whether you want to or not! ALSO SEE Genesis 1:All, Isaiah 5:20 and Revelations 22:2.

All Ceremonies beseech to the four directions, the earth and sky, and ultimately the Great Spirit. We begin a pipe ceremony by beseeching the West power, while thinking about the life giving rains and the ever-present spirit world. Next, we beseeches the north power, the source of endurance, strength, truthfulness, and honesty, which are qualities needed to walk down a good path in life. Then, we will look to the east power. The east is where the sun rises, and the sun brings us knowledge, the essence of religion such as God with the Bible, Marici (Buddhism), Aryamanof Hindu, Horace from Egyptian times etc etc. Without knowledge, we become ignorant and cause harm to others and ourselves. The fourth energy is the south power, which brings us bounty, medicine, and growth. Next to be acknowledged is the earth spirit. You can move the pipe downward, Since Mother Earth depends on the sun’s life giving energy, the pipe is then held up towards the sky and to the Great Spirit, the Great Mystery, the unexplainable source of all life. ***The person reaching out to the religious and spirit world has no fear, To break his word after smoking the sacred pipe in the pipe ceremony is blasphemy. See for Legal Backing Yellowbear v. Lampert, 741 F.3d 48 (10th Cir. 2014).

***TAKE NOTICE*** ALL individuals plus entities related are to ALWAYS PREVENT ALL: A-Distribution of Cannabis Sacraments to minors, B-DONATIONS OR PROFITS of Cannabis Sacraments from going to criminal enterprises, gangs and cartels, C-Diversion of Cannabis Sacraments from state where it is legally obtained under state to other states, D-Cannabis Sacraments activity from being used as a cover or pretext for the trafficking of other illegal drugs or other illegal activity, E-Violence and the use of firearms in the cultivation and distribution of Cannabis Sacraments F-Drugged driving, the exacerbation of other adverse public health consequences associated with Cannabis Sacraments use, G-Growing/Consuming of Cannabis Sacraments on public lands and the attendant public safety and environmental dangers posed by Cannabis Sacraments production/consuming on public lands EXCEPT IN LEGAL PRAYER AREAS, H-Preventing Cannabis Sacraments a possession or use on federal property EXCEPT IN LEGAL PRAYER AREAS.

***WELCOME, We Respect Your Rights To CANNABIS SACRAMENTS!**** ****TAKE NOTICE***** (A) All attendees must be 21 or older and must show Legal ID to enter (*Minor(s) may accompany their parent/guardian at family friendly events ONLY [WHO Assumes all Liability and responsibility of said minor(s) under 21 accompanying them onto the Church/Club/Sanctuary’s property] This is a Cannabis Church’s private Sanctuary/Club/Ceremony, PRAYER AREA or event – no one outside of our patrons/members or their guests will be allowed entry & NO MINORS ALLOWED CANNABIS EXCEPT WITH MMJ PAPERWORK/CARD!!!!!!! *Please be advised that media outlets may be present BUT Media must receive permission from guests in order to publish their images. (B) ***MASTER LIABILITY WAIVER *FOR ALL ENTRANCES** Attendees of the Church/Sanctuary/Club/Ceremony PRAYER AREA OR EVENT must be at least 21 years of age (or accompany their Parent/Guardian and stay in the MINOR friendly areas and not use Cannabis SACRAMENT unless they have MMJ paperwork per their rights in Colorado) as well as must read and agree to the Club/Sanctuary Disclaimer.

(C) **IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: YOU MAY NOT ALLOW MINORS to CONSUME ANY CANNABIS SACRAMENTS WHAT SO EVER unless they are an MMJ patient). You are welcomed to bring your own Cannabis, Glass, Oil, Rigs, and WHATEVER for enjoying the freedoms Colorado has to offer, (in certain private places that is). (D) The user /participant of this Event/Sanctuary/Club/Ceremony PRAYER AREA or Event acknowledges that this Church entity’s events/clubs/sanctuaries/ceremonies PRAYERS and Events are being held on private property and, at the time this begins, the venue/property will be closed to the public and only members/patrons with their guests may enter. Patrons/Member/Guest understands that attendees may use cannabis anywhere allowed on property/premises, as is their right under Colorado law AND FEDERAL RELIGIOUS PROTECTIONS. (E) **Cannabis will not be sold EVER, however, IF it is available During ANY Time at the Church or ceremony PRAYER AREA OR EVENT PLEASE DONATE and **REMEMBER, Those who choose to *use cannabis Sacraments Assume any and all risk associated with such use including obtaining it. *Govt health Warnings

(F) **PATRONS/MEMBERS/GUESTS are advised that it remains illegal under Colorado law to drive while under the influence of marijuana. Waivee hereby agrees to release, hold harmless, and indemnify greenfaith Ministry and any of their owners, directors, volunteers, partners, employees, officers, agents, affiliates and related entities from any and all claims by or on behalf of Participant/Member/Guest arising directly or indirectly out of Participant’s use of marijuana/cannabis and premises. This release includes claims and liabilities arising from any cause whatsoever, including, but not limited to, negligence on the part of greenfaith Ministry. (G) **This release is effective on the date Participant/Member/Guest entered any property related to greenfaith Ministry/Rev. B. Baker. IF any Cannabis is consumed by the participant/member/guest it is their cannabis, at their discretion/free will and of their own action and assume all liability, reactions and actions related to their willful consumption. (H) **ANY NON RELIGIOUS USE IS INVALID UNLESS LEGAL UNDER STATE LAW

***MUST AGREE****** TAKE NOTICE As a condition of my entrance, membership or participation in greenfaith Ministry, hereinafter greenfaith, Ini hereby declare under the penalty of perjury under the laws of the state in which this Agreement is executed that all of the following are true: A. Ini AM NOT LAW ENFORCEMENT OR INFORMANT FOR SAID LAW ENFORCEMENT AND am an adult over the age of 21 & Pursuant to Constitutional Amendment I and Article 18, Section 14 of the Colorado Constitution, and RELIGIOUS FREEDOM PROTECTIONS. Ini may be provided with up to one ounce of Cannabis SACRAMENTS from greenfaith without remuneration, and/or Ini am being assisted with cultivating my own cannabis sacraments by greenfaith members without any remuneration to greenfaith or to its members who assist me. B. Ini understand that greenfaith has certain requirements for eligibility MAINLY BONAFIDE AND SINCERE RELIGIOUS PRACTICES AND ADHERENCE. In accordance with those requirements, Ini affirm that I have been practicing sincere and bonafide cannabis sacrament practices. Ini understand any contributions and/or donations Ini may voluntarily make to greenfaith in any way are used to ensure that greenfaith can continue to assist qualified adults in growing and/or receiving cannabis sacraments and that my receiving cannabis sacraments and/or related products from greenfaith in no way constitutes any promotion or distribution and does not constitute remuneration or any sort of quid pro quo exchange. Ini understand that my eligibility and participation in the program is independent and separate from any contributions or donations Ini may make to greenfaith.

C. Any such contributions and/or donations I may make are intended to help greenfaith to continue to provide its members with its services and is being done so of my own free will without any promises in exchange and without any quid pro quo. Ini understand and authorize greenfaith to assist me in growing and/or obtaining cannabis pursuant to Const. Amend. I and Article 18, Section 14 of the Colorado Constitution AND RELIGIOUS FREEDOM PROTECTIONS. D. Ini authorize greenfaith to contact my practitioners, and I authorize my practitioners to verify my eligibility to greenfaith. Further, Ini authorize greenfaith the absolute right to verify any and all information herein contained. Ini hereby verify that any cannabis sacraments and/or related products and service Ini receive from greenfaith shall not be used outside of religious and healing reasons legal under the Constitutions of the US and State of Colorado. E. Ini understand and agree that adherence to the rules of greenfaith is my responsibility. Ini agree that any violation of the terms of this Agreement or any other greenfaith member rules are grounds for the immediate termination of my membership. I agree I will KEEP ALL CANNABIS FAR AWAY FROM PETS, CHILDREN, OR ANYONE ELSE AND UNDER LOCK AND KEY. ANY DEVIATION FROM THIS RULE IS DONE AT THE SOLE RISK AND RESPONSIBILITY OF THE MEMBER.

F. Ini understand that any possession, cultivation or acquisition of cannabis is illegal under federal law outside the 1st Amendment uses and/or as a (Ultimate User” 21 USC 802(27). Ini agree to assume all risks personally and forever discharge and hold harmless greenfaith for any liability associated with my actions. G. Ini understand that it is illegal under State law to openly consume cannabis or to use cannabis in any manner that endangers the well being of others and will not use cannabis sacraments provided by greenfaith in this illegal manner. Ini understand Ini am responsible for following these guidelines and my failure to do so will result in termination from program. ***You are advised to research cannabis sacrament and consult with your practitioners for dosage and frequency of use. You are responsible to use and not to abuse cannabis sacraments. If we have any indication you are abusing cannabis sacraments we may refuse service and terminate your membership. Any cannabis sacraments and/or related product(s) or services obtained from greenfaith may be inspected prior to your taking possession of it. All cannabis sacraments and/or related products or services are offered by greenfaith solely via mandates on an as is basis with no warranty whatsoever. Since product purity so requires, open packages cannot be returned to greenfaith.

H. Member understands that the use of cannabis sacraments can result in physical and emotional side effects and that cannabis sacraments may impair a person’s ability to drive a vehicle or operate machinery. Ini agree to wait at least until there is no “Impairment” after consuming cannabis sacraments to drive or operate machinery. I. ***Diversion of cannabis sacraments to others is a violation of state and Fed law. As a condition of requesting and/or receiving assistance from greenfaith, and/or by utilizing cannabis sacraments and related products or services as you may obtain from greenfaith, you expressly and forever release greenfaith and any person or entity assisting greenfaith, without limitation, from and against any and all lawsuits, alter-ego lawsuits, demands, charges or claims relating to any cannabis and/or related products you may obtain from greenfaith, including but limited to issues arising from the strength, potency, purity, toxicity, and/or appropriateness for your condition. J. Further, as a condition of requesting and/or receiving assistance from greenfaith, and/or by utilizing such cannabis sacraments and/or related products or services as you may obtain, you, your heirs and those with you expressly and forever waive any and all claims now known, or discovered at any time in the future due to, related to or arising from your possession, use, storage, cultivation, acquisition or handling of cannabis or any product/herb/food/oil/concentrate you may obtain from greenfaith.

*This authorization shall remain in effect until I revoke my designation in writing by certified mail, return receipt requested, whichever occurs first. **greenfaith reserves the right to refuse service to anybody at any time for any reason or for no reason whatsoever. ****BY ACCEPTING and ENROLLMENT, Ini agree that these waivers shall be binding on my heirs, successors & such related****

Terms and conditions of our Prayer Rewards Program can be found here.